The Lopez Troupe


The Lopez are sixth generation circus artists, best known for their daring and death defying performances.

Brothers Johan and Jonatan were born in Mexico, where they found their roots in show business. Growing up, they watched their parents perform a high wire act. In true circus tradition, they began to learn the act at a young age.  Years later, Johan (12), Jonatan (10), and little sister Zuleidy began to perform the high wire together, traveling around Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras performing with renowned circuses across Central America.

In 2002, Maria Jose (originally from Chile) met Jonatan in Mexico and both fell in love.  Now, as a family, they continue performing together as The Lopez Troupe. In 2007, The Lopez Troupe was invited to perform in the circus festival of Mexico City. Here, they were discovered by the producers of the Garden Bros Circus from Canada.  In 2008, the Lopez were hired to be part of this show, traveling to Canada and performing in: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver. When they were performing in Canada, a talent director from the famous Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey saw the high wire act. Shortly after, they offered them a contract. In November 2008, they began rehearsal for the 2009-2010 Zing Zang Zoom US tour with Ringing Brothers performing in:

·      New York (Madison Square Garden Arena)

·      Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center Arena)

·      Philadelphia, PA (Spectrum Arena)

·      Houston, TX (NRG Stadium)

·      Miami, FL (American Airlines Arena)

·      30 more established arenas across the US

Following their tour, in 2011, The Lopez Troupe signed a contract with the Royal Hannneford Circus under president Struppi Hanneford and director of talent Billy Martin.  Here, the Lopez performed the high wire act as well as the globe of steel, a death defying motorcycle act within a small steel cage.  With this show, they performed in:

·      Amusement parks (Idlewild and Soak Zone PA 2011)

·      Adventureland Park, Altoona Iowa 2015-2016

·      State Fairs: Big E State Fair (Big E Circus Spectacular 2015-2016)

·      Perry, GA State Fair, 2011-2012

·      Shriners Dates: Oklahoma, Orlando FL, Pittsburg PA, Dayton Ohio, Columbia S Carolina, Wilkes Barre PA , Saint Joseph MS, Saint Luis MS, Saint Charles MS

At the end of 2012, The Lopez Troupe returned to Ringling Brothers with the Fully Charged Gold Edition, but this time presenting 3 acts: High wire, knife throwing, and globe of steel.  Two factors made this act exceptional. Firstly, the Lopez rode in the smallest globe of steel in US.  Additionally, Maria is one of few females in the world who rides a motorcycle inside the globe.  Fast-forward to 2014, the Lopez Troupe continued with Ringling Brothers on a new tour called Super Circus Heroes, where they were featured as the closing act of the show.

In 2015, they returned to the Royal Hanneford Circus under the direction of Billy Martin.  This time, The Lopez Troupe wanted to present something totally new, and re-invented a way to present the globe of steel. As of today, the Lopez are the first and only motorcycle riders in the world to successfully ride a four-wheeler (quad bike) inside the globe of steel.  Not only that, but they are proud to present the only female rider who can accomplish this feat.  These innovative skills made them the star attraction and closing act on the tour with Royal Hanneford Circus and in Big E Circus Spectacular State Fair. 

At the end of 2016, the Lopez began a new adventure with Circus 1903, traveling to Australia for the beginning of the tour in established theatres such as:

·      Camberra  (Camberra Theatre)

·      Melbourne (Regent Theatre

·      Sydney (Sydney Opera House)

  ** the Lopez are the first ever high wire  walkers to perform inside the historical and beautiful Opera House **

Today, the Lopez continue performing with Circus 1903, touring North America at prestigious theatres across the nation, including:

·      Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, CA 

·      Oriental Theatre, Chicago, IL

·      Madison Square Garden theatre, New York

·      Boch Center Wang Theatre, Boston, MA 

·      Music Hall, Dallas, TX 

·      Jones Hall, Houston, TX 

·      Bushnell Theatre, Hartford, CT

·      Proctor’s Theatre, Schenectady, NY 

You can catch them performing now at the Paris theatre in the Paris Hotel and Casino in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.